“Business-as-usual” isn’t going to work from 2021. Innovate or perish


Innovation Business ltd is an innovation consultancy focused on strategy, technology and project management. Business-as-usual’ isn’t going to work from 2021. A new world cannot take on the old world. IB has different ideas to people who seek a sustainable formula for success, replacing ‘business-as-usual’ with approaches that employ disruptive and breakthrough thinking to innovate and deliver exponential business growth.


We combine years of consulting experience with our international network of experts, to help you create new solutions, streamline cause effects equation and project manage innovation from start to finish .


Take you position in the market
Seamlessly move from thinking to implementing.


People are projects
Innovation business approach is a practical one where , we understand people first and then projects to create a culture of innovation, intrapreneurship and growth.


Dynamic strategy
A business model that is agile based on current market research is dynamic in strategy .


Innovation is always in motion
Our strategy determines the direction, upwards and forward.


People, Projects & Strategy

People are everything.
Management is a ratio of expectation between people and it takes a skill to get it right.
People are projects and project could be a business. It is a triangular relationship, you, us and the project , together we could do the impossible

We believe innovation can and should be elegant, systematic and orderly.

A common misconception is that innovation is all about ideas. It often feels random and messy because the handover points between company strategy, idea boxes and getting projects off the ground are difficult to manage and coordinate. 

Innovation positioning Methodology

innovation is about creating space in products. in feature and in solution. consumer adjust its desire to align itself to everyday changes creating demand for innovation predicting trends and complimenting consumer behaviours all business literature seems to be calling for fresh thinking for a different world. “Innovation is now an imperative” considers how to think differently about your business


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Case Studies

⦁ Projects -IB created the balance of successful probabilities in these industries ⦁ Hydrogen Generation ⦁ E-Cars ⦁ Renewables Power Generation ⦁ Consumer Goods

Glasgow, Scotland A culture of innovation

Innovation business ltd is thriving in Scotland’s long tradition of innovation remains as strong today as it ever has been. Smart, profitable ideas flow from the broad mix of multinational firms based here, and from the diverse business, academic and technology communities that support them. From the telephone and penicillin to the ATM and the colour photograph, Scotland has claim to a lot of great inventions and discoveries over the years. Today, innovation is felt, taught and incorporated across the whole of Scottish life, work and play. We’re working on ground-breaking innovative products and services – like E-cars that helps B2B deliveries and detect humans, flat-packed building blocks made from recycled plastic, Innovative hydrogen technology, revolutionary power generation models .

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